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Rent-a-Sling Returns

You thought your baby carrier from Cotton Cradles was perfect for the first few weeks, but then you realized that the size just isn't right, or the color is not your style after all, or you just need a totally different type of carrier for your situation. This experience is common with baby products---it is difficult to predict which products will meet our needs, especially when we are first-time parents. By the time we discover that something isn't working out, we have already washed it or used it for a month, so it's no longer returnable. This is where our "Rent-a-Sling Returns" policy can help.

The idea is that we think of your purchase not as a straightforward purchase, but as a "rent-to-own" agreement, and we structure our policy accordingly. If you return your carrier new and unwashed within 30 days, then you qualify for a Regular Return (full refund). If your carrier is washed or in gently used (not abused) condition, and/or over 30 days old, then you qualify for a "Rent-a-Sling Return". You may return it to us, and out of your original payment we will keep a fee of $10 per month for the number of months (rounded up, minimum 2 months) that you have owned the carrier. The remainder of your payment will be refunded to you. This policy amounts to a two-month trial of any of our new carriers for just $20 plus shipping costs. For secondhand slings, we waive the two-month minimum, so you can try out a secondhand carrier for only $10 plus shipping.

If this policy sounds confusing to you, then our Rent-a-Sling Return Chart should make everything clear. If you need more information, then please e-mail us.

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